The research article on “Revisiting the use of the immersed-boundary lattice-Boltzmann method for simulations of suspended particles” by L. Mountrakis, E. Lorenz, and A. G. Hoekstra was recently published in Physical Review E.

“The immersed-boundary lattice-Boltzmann method (IB-LBM) is increasingly being used in simulations of dense suspensions. These systems are computationally very expensive and can strongly benefit from lower resolutions that still maintain the desired accuracy for the quantities of interest. IB-LBM has a number of free parameters that have to be defined, often without exact knowledge of the tradeoffs, since their behaviour in low resolutions is not well understood. Such parameters are the lattice constant x, the number of vertices Nv , the interpolation kernel φ, and the LBM relaxation time τ . We investigate the effect of these IB-LBM parameters on a number of straightforward but challenging benchmarks.”

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