Pilot project awarded

Dhruv Mittal and Vítor V .Vasconcelos awarded ENLENS Pilot Project with Shaul Shalvi (FEB) and external collaborators.

Three group members were accepted into NetSci 2023 in Austria

NetSci is the world’s flagship conference on network science.

Sociocultural determinants of global mask-wearing behavior

Different cultures have different responses to policies and others’ behaviors, impacting the effectiveness of different implementations of policies. This new computational study focuses on mask wearing behavior across the world.

NEMO experiment on movement patterns and attitudes

Movement pattern generated by test subjects on one day. From October 15 to 28, 2022, children visiting the NEMO Science Museum can participate in an actual scientific experiment as part of Science Live. The experiment studies movement patterns and attitudes towards...

New paper out on computational modelling of social and disease epidemics

Vítor and collaborators published a multilayered network perspective on the coevolution of social behavior and disease outbreak on PNAS.

Group Mission

We live in a highly connected and strongly coupled world, and are surrounded by a large diversity of complex systems. All these systems have one thing in common: they process information. We aim to understand this information processing in such dynamic multi-level complex systems.


“Nature is a Complex System that processes information. Computational Science aims to make the complexity of those systems tractable.”