ICCS 2010 was held in the Royal Institute for the Tropics from May 31 to June 2, 2010. The conference, which was organised by Peter Sloot, Dick van Albada and Jack Dongarra, welcomed over 400 delegates.

ICCS 2010 in Amsterdam was organized by Peter Sloot, Dick van Albada and Jack Dongarra. Over 400 researchers from 84 countries enjoyed among others the keynote talks by Seth Lloyd, Stephan Wolfram, Laszlo Barabasi and others. See: www.iccs-meeting.org

ICCS has also produced the first open access Procedia in Computer Science, have  look at:

At ICCS 2010 we also saw the inauguration of the international Journal of Computational Science (JoCS):
Prof. Robbert Dijkgraaf received the first Issue of JoCS from Rebecca Capone from Elsevier Science. The journal is also available on-line at:

Peter Sloot weekgast bij Universiteitsblad Folia:
Jaargang 63, nummer 35 pagina 20.