Kilombo — A Kilobot simulator in C

The Kilobot is a robot developed for swarm robotics research. Kilombo is a Kilobot swarm simulator, designed to run the same C-language user program as the real robots. This makes it easy to transfer a program between the simulator and the real robots. The simulator is also efficient – a simulation of 1000 robots can run 100 times faster than real time on a desktop computer.


“Kilombo: a Kilobot simulator to enable effective research in swarm robotics”, Fredrik Jansson, Matthew Hartley, Martin Hinsch, Ivica Slavkov, Noemí Carranza, Tjelvar S. G. Olsson, Roland M. Dries, Johanna H. Grönqvist, Athanasius F. M. Marée, James Sharpe, Jaap A. Kaandorp, Verônica A. Grieneisen