We are seeking a highly motivated candidate to work on the use of classical spin models for high order pattern detection and information coding in binary data. In this context, recent studies have highlighted the existence of linear transformations (called gauge transformations) that map a model into another mathematically equivalent model. The group is interested in understanding how to use these transformations for data analysis.

The group is shared between the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITFA) in the Institute of Physics (IoP) and the Informatics Institute (IvI). The successful applicant will be embedded in a stimulating multi-disciplinary research environment.

Selection will start July 31 and continue until the position is filled.
For further details and application form: https://iop.uva.nl/shared/uva/en/vacancies/2021/07/21-594-phd-position-at-the-frontier-of-statistical-physics-information-theory-and-computer-science.html

For questions, please contact Clelia de Mulatier at c.m.c.demulatier-at-uva.nl

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