The Information Universe conference takes place on 3 – 6 July 2018, at the DOTliveplanetarium in Groningen, the Netherlands. Peter Sloot will present a keynote lecture during this unique event.

The key topic of the Information Universe (IU) conference series is: “What is the role of information in the Universe and its description?”. We will approach the key role of information from the point of view of several disciplines: e.g. cosmology, physics, mathematics, life sciences, computer science (including quantum computing) and neuroscience. The conference will be held in the 260 seater planetarium theatre in Groningen, which provides an immersive 3D full dome display enabling speakers to show unique and inspiring visuals.

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Featuring a cross section of the DOTliveplanetarium venue and a fantastic line-up of keynote speakers:

Erik Verlinde and Thanu Padmanabhan, who perform ground-breaking research on the emergence of gravity from a quantum description space-time.

Lieven Vandersypen, leading expert on quantum information and computing, who used the spins of nuclei as quantum bits to perform unique quantum calculations.

Larry Wasserman, who uses machine learning to minimize the complexity of scientific problems in fields ranging from cosmology to bioinformatics and genetics.

Karlheinz Meier
, co-director of the Human Brain Project which studies the link between neurological systems and large scale computer simulations of the brain.

Peter Sloot, who uses computational science to unravel complex systems in nature, from the immune system to criminal networks, the growth of tumours and drug addiction.

Alan Heavens, expert on the statistical analysis of massive and complex data streams in astrophysics and cosmology, such as the Planck and the future Euclid data.