The research article on “A novel technique to combine and analyse spatial and temporal expression datasets: A case study with the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis to identify potential gene interactions” by Amir M. Abdol, Eric Röttinger, Fredrik Jansson, and Jaap A. Kaandorp was recently published in Developmental Biology (IF=2.94).

The highlights of the paper are:

  • Identifying significant temporal events through the course of development by processing temporal genes expression.
  • Revealing important regions of the embryo from analysis of spatial genes expression.
  • Combining quantitative information from qPCR and the spatial expression extracted from in situ hybridization images, constructing continuous spatiotemporal gene expressions.
  • Clustering genes that are appearing in the same region and at the same time during the development, by merging spatial and temporal clusters.
  • Analysis of our combined cluster reveals recently discovered genes iterations thorough functional analysis.

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