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Computational Science at the University of Amsterdam

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About our group

The Computational Science research group is part of the Science Faculty of the University of Amsterdam and resides in the Informatics Institute. The research group addresses three main themes:

  • Foundations of Computational Science (Complex Networks, Cellular Automata, Individual Based Modeling, Information Theory)
  • Applications of Computational Science (Biomedicine, Biology, Physics, Engineering, Finance)
  • Problem Solving Environments for Computational Science (Distributed Decision Support, Visualization and Virtual Reality, Scientific Workflows, Special Purpose Computing)


In our research we aim to understand how nature processes information. Can we detect and describe the computational structure in natural processes and can we provide a quantitative characterization of essential aspects of this structure? This research is driven by the ever increasing amount of experimental data as delivered by e.g. detectors, on-line sensor networks and high resolution (medical) scanners. We study such questions in the context of dynamic complex systems modelled with multi-scale cellular automata, dynamic networks and individual based models. The challenges include modeling multi-level systems and their dynamics and integrating numerical simulations with massive sets of heterogeneous and often incomplete data in virtual laboratories. Conceptual, theoretical and methodological foundations are necessary to understand these processes and the associated predictability limits of such large-scale computer simulations. The research program has a focus on – but is not limited to – applications in biomedicine.


Our group has succeeded in establishing a prominent international position in the field of computational science. We aim to maintain and extend this position.

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