08/03/2019 @ 13:00 – 18:00
2nd and 3rd floor of the UvA Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)
Oude Turfmarkt 147

This Friday Yuliia Orlova will present on “Models for predicting drying and degradation of oil paint“. We will combine lunch and lecture together, so if you are coming please register using doodle before Thursday (March 7) so we have lunch for you too.

When: March 8, 2019 | 13:00-18:00.
Where: 2nd and 3rd floor of the UvA Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Oude Turfmarkt 147, Amsterdam.
Abstract: Restoration of old oil paintings has always been a challenging task due to enormous complexity of the materials used by artists. Oil paint mainly consists of binder and pigment. A pigment is responsible for the color and a binder is a substance that keeps the pigment particles together. Linseed oil is known to be the most common binder dating from 15th century. It polymerizes at room temperature and forms hard films of paint. These films are nothing but complex polymer networks that constantly interact with pigment particles. These systems are highly unstable and even after centuries they undergo various chemical transformations. Surprisingly, not much is known about the chemistry of binder and which molecular structures contribute to these polymer networks. We decided to tackle this problem and get better insight into the polymerization process of binding medium.
 We chose to use complex networks approach to capture the dynamics of chemical processes in the binding medium of paintings. We developed a methodology that automatically reconstructs all possible molecular states and tracks the reaction pathways between them. Solving the kinetic model of the system we know how the states of these molecules are populated over time. From this point, the configuration model for random graph imitates the whole polymerization process and gives a global perspective on the state of the binding medium.

13:00-13:30: lunch
13:30-14:30: lecture by Yuliia Orlova
14:30-17:00: informal discussions
17:00-18:00: drinks

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