SbS@UvA Club: Different methods to build causal loop diagrams of mechanisms underlying health behaviours

07/02/2020 @ 14:00 – 18:00
2nd and 3rd floor of the UvA Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) Oude Turfmarkt 147 Amsterdam


AngieLuna Pinzon and Alexia Sawyer from Academic Medical Center


It is increasingly acknowledged in public health that complex systems approaches offer valuable insights into the determinants of and potential solutions to ‘wicked problems’ that have proven resistant to linear models of cause-and-effect.In this talk, we will present two projects which apply complex systems approaches to examine health behaviours related to overweight and obesity.

In the Policy Evaluation Network project, an umbrella literature review provided the basis of a causal loop diagram (CLD) of the mechanisms perpetuating poorer dietary outcomes in low-income groups in higher- and middle-income countries. In the Lifestyle Innovationsbased on youths’ Knowledge and Experience (LIKE) project, CLDs created using participatory group model building have been used to develop interventions related to diet, physical activity, sleep and screen use in 10-14 year olds in Amsterdam East.

We will share some of the challenges and lessons learned in using these different methods and discuss next steps in applying the resulting CLDs.

14:00-16:00 : Informal discussions

16:00-17:00 : Plenary lecture

17:00-18:00 : drinks

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About the Friday Club
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