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Intake Survey

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This intake form is intended for you the student and us the lecturers to develop a detailed understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the skills necessary for the Computational Science Master's Programme. This will help us build a tailored initial learning programme, this may include self-learning prior to enrolment or specialised courses at the start of the programme. It will also help us identify very strong students to ensure we challenge them sufficiently. It is therefore imperative that you answer these questions honestly and accurately.

Below you will find a series of areas of mathematics and computer science, with specific concepts related to each area. For each concept select whether your knowledge is weak, sufficient or strong. You can see what are intention of the three categories are below.

  • Weak - Never heard of it, forgotten totally, etc.
  • Sufficient - Studied before, may need some refresher.
  • Strong - I know this completely and don't need to study more.

Once you have completed the form you will receive a set of suggested reading (self-study) materials. The email will only contain material for topics in which you score below sufficient (on average). The report will prioritise areas in which you are weakest, but of course you are free to study any of the suggested material. A complete list of all self-study material can be found here


Mathematical Models

Linear Algebra


Probability Theory


Discrete mathematics


Other Computer Skills